Applications 2016

Welcome to the Feel Good Foods volunteer and employee application center.  Please take a few moments to read over some of the basics about who we are, what we do and what we expect of our volunteers and employees.  After that click on the application button and you will be directed to the actual application.

1.  To mainstream our process we use the same application for both volunteers and employees.  Most people start off as a volunteer but the opportunity to become a paid employee is sometimes available based upon your skill sets and our needs.  Occasionally we will offer you a paid position right off the bat if your experience and our needs warrants offering you this position. 

2.  Basically speaking, your volunteer obligations translate into 1 hour for every $10 of the ticket price.  For instance, if the ticket price is $200, then the volunteer hours would equal 20.  We have, however, established a 24 hour maximum for volunteers regardless of the ticket price because we feel that your enjoyment of the event is one of our most important priorities. 

3.  A deposit equal to the ticket price will be required to secure a volunteer position.  New employees that we have never met and do not have existing friends or family already on our crew might also be required to pay a deposit.  We only require one deposit regardless of how many shows you participate in.  For instance, if you wanted to do Del Fest, Wakarusa, and Bonnaroo; you would only have to pay the deposit for Bonnaroo which has the most expensive ticket price.  Please be aware though if you do not meet your obligations at the earlier events you will forfeit your opportunity to attend the other events.

4.  Choice of shifts is usually possible.  We will interview you by phone and allow you to pick your shifts in the order that you applied.  Please be aware though that scheduling on our end is based upon your skills and our needs. 

5.  You have the possibility of changing your shifts with another co-worker.  There are two options for this.  The first option is a straight swap with another person for their shift.  You also have the option of having someone work your shift and have the hours deducted from your deposit to pay the person to work your shift.  All shift changes must be approved by your kitchen manager at least one day prior to the swap to make sure your skill sets and the person replacing you match.

6.  Please be aware that you will not always get to decide where you camp.  Some events, but not all of them, have specific camping areas for staff and vendors.  Usually these areas tend to be more secure than the general population considering you will be off working and away from your gear.  The option to have your friends that are not working the event camp with you in these areas is not always possible.  Each event is different though and if you have concerns about this please contact us and we can see what works best.

7.  Larger events such as Bonnaroo have requirements about having volunteers and staff check in earlier than the general population.  With that said, you should plan on being at such events a day or two before the ticketed people are allowed in.  This can get a little problematic if you are planning on carpooling with people that are coming to the event with a ticket.  They usually are not allowed in.  Please feel free to contact us about any concerns regarding check-in and carpooling.

8.  One of the biggest perks to volunteering through Feel Good Foods vs. the festivals inhouse program or WET is that we provide you meals for the entire time you are on-site.  If we are doing catering at an event, you get to eat the catering 3 meals a day for your entire stay.  We also provide beverages.  This could be limited to only bottled water but occassionally we sell organic lemonades and limeades that you have access to as long as you bring a cup.  At projects where we are only doing concessions, you have the opportunity to eat from our concession stands for your meals. 

If you have more specific questions that are not answered here, go ahead and fill out the application and we will be happy to address them during your phone interview.

Thank you so much for your time.  We look forward to working with you and having you join our team.  Please click on volunteer application on this page to finish the process and we will be contacting you soon to schedule your phone interview. 

Mark & Amy